I'm a graduate of the University of Waterloo (2020), where I studied Environment and Business with a minor in Computer Science. Despite my major, I've always dabbled in more creative fields through film, photography, and graphic design. In high school, I even ran a small and mildly embarrassing YouTube vlog channel. 🤫

Through my co-op program, I was exposed to marketing, customer service, and operations while working at various Toronto tech companies (RitualFlippTaplytics, & Wealthsimple). It was in those roles that my fascination for product grew. In my senior year, I decided to become a product designer in pursuit of that interest. 

From that point, I began reading about design, attending UX club events, and applying myself through personal projects. For most of the quarantine, I've been building this portfolio from the ground up. If you're reading this, it means my efforts have been well worth it.

Currently, I'm working on projects with TomYum, but I'm open to all opportunities. If you're interested in reaching out, please do so via the links below!