Welcome! Here's my 📖.

I recently graduated (Winter 2020) from the University of Waterloo. There, I studied something unrelated to design: Environment and Business (co-op) with a minor in Computer Science. 

Despite my unconventional major, I've always enjoyed creating digital content in the form of film, photography, and graphic design. In high school, I even ran a small and mildly embarrassing YouTube vlog channel.

My co-op roles in various Toronto tech startups (Ritual, Flipp, Taplytics, & Wealthsimple) exposed me to marketing, customer service, and operations. It was through those experiences that my underlying interest in product sparked.
In pursuit of that interest, I decided I wanted to do product design in my second last term of school (Fall 2019). From that point, I began reading about design, attending UX club events, and applying myself through personal projects.

For the better part of the 2020 quarantine, I've been building my portfolio from the ground up. If you're reading this, it means my efforts have been worth it.

Now, I'm looking to land my first job in product design. If you're interested in reaching out, please do so via the links below!